TAP Time Attendance Payroll

Simple to use Wi-Fi clocking to automate your Time, Attendance and Payroll system.

Clock employees in and out as their devices enter and exit the Wi-Fi range of your premises.

Simple to Use

Simplified setup and user interface. No specialized IT skills are required.

Reliable Reports

Gives you the data you need with useable reports.

Cost Effective

No specialised equipment is necessary to run our software.


Clocking system that automatically clocks employees in and out.

The benefits of using JaWiSoft TAP

Image illustrating the value of security for JaWiSoft

Attendance tracking software you can trust.

With JaWiSoft TAP your employee data remains within your full control, with none of the personal information being submitted to our servers.

Simple yet sophisticated.

JaWiSoft TAP gives you the data you need without any of the unnecessary hassle to collect and compile it. Get reports with the click of a button!

Business owner using JaWiSoft TAP on his laptop

Solution for small to medium enterprises.

We give time back to small and medium sized business owners or managers, with an automated system that reduces your administrative burden.

JaWiSoft TAP can make your life easier.

Focusing on doing what you love has never been easier than with JaWiSoft TAP - it's the best and most efficient way to track attendance.

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Although we are situated in South Africa, we operate around the globe.

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